PostgreSQL 11.1 with TLS, MySQL 8.0.13 and Redis 5.0.3 are now available on Clever Cloud, and they all come with a brand new migration feature.


PostgreSQL 11.1 with TLS is now the default for any PostgreSQL dedicated add-on creation or migration.


MySQL 8.0.13 is now the default for any MySQL dedicated add-on creation or migration.


Redis 5.0.3 is now the default for any redis add-on creation or migration.

The Migration Tool

We just released a migration/upgrade feature which enables you to transfer automatically your database to a new one.

There are three underlying features coming with this:

  • add-on's plan upgrade;
  • change the add-on region, from Paris to Montréal or the opposite; from private zone to public zone for on-premises users;
  • upgrade your PostgreSQL, MySQL or Redis version.

Things to Watch Closely While Migrating

Both shared and dedicated PostgreSQL/MySQL/Redis add-on can do a migration, and you can upgrade from shared to dedicated.

For any-to-dedicated migration, we only provide the last version of our PostgreSQL image (currently 11.1), MySQL image (currently 8.0.13) or Redis image (currently 5.0.3). For the shared-to-shared migration, it depends on the target shared cluster version.

During a migration of your PostgreSQL/MySQL database, you won't be able to edit your data; we will set your database to read-only mode, so only SELECT will be available.

Redis doesn't support a read only mode which means that once the replication is over, old connections will be paused. Your applications should handle such a case to avoid waiting indefinitely for responses from the old redis instance.


The migration process is safe; if it fails for any reason the previous state will be restored. The fail reason will be shown to you and a button to contact us with a pre-generated message containing the error. We want you to check the error reason, it could just be something relative to your usage and not depending on Clever Cloud process.

A migration can be aborted during the data transfer phase which can be longer than you anticipated so you can recover simply.

After a dedicated migration we change the add-on's hostname and database name.

Note that the migration duration depends on your add-on storage size.

What else?

  • PostgreSQL 11.1 parallelism feature will be available soon;
  • MongoDB add-ons will soon be able to migrate/upgrade too, stay tuned.

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