Trace add-on (deprecated)

Trace provides error detection, alerting, distributed tracing and process monitoring for your Clever Cloud applications. Install the Trace Trace Clever Cloud add-on by following these steps:


NPM version 2.7.0 or greater must be installed. To update simply use npm install npm -g.

npm version

Be sure to use npm version greater than 2.7.0. - as Trace uses scoped packages. If you can't update to npm@2.7.0 for whatever reason, you can still install Trace using `npm i risingstack/trace-nodejs


  1. Click the "Add an add-on" button on the Clever Cloud dashboard
  2. Select the "Trace by RisingStack" add-on
  3. Choose a plan that fits for your application
  4. Select the applications that will use this add-on. Linking more applications with the same add-on helps to find issues in a distributed system (microservices or SOA architecture)

The add-on sets the TRACE_API_KEY environment variable for every linked application.

Link multiple applications

With linking multiple applications to the same add-on you will be able to monitor and debug distributed systems and see how you applications communicate with each other. This is recommended for micro-services and SOA architectures.

Application configuration

To start monitoring your applications you must first add them and name them by setting up TRACE_SERVICE_NAME environment variables for them.

To add the environment variable follow these steps:

  1. Select your application
  2. Pick the "Environment variables" menu
  3. Add a new variable with, Name: TRACE_SERVICE_NAME, Value: My Application 1
  4. Click "Add"
  5. Repeat for all linked applications

If you'd like to know more on how you should name your services, read the guideline on naming infrastructures and services on trace's documentation.

Installating the Trace collector agent

  1. Install the Trace collector as a dependency of your Node.js application using the following command npm install @risingstack/trace --save
  2. Import Trace in the main script of your application. It should be the first module you require.
  3. Deploy your application!
  4. Generate some traffic on your website.
// index.js

require('@risingstack/trace') // trace should be on top

// your application code

var express = require('express')
var app = express()

// so on ...

Don't see your data?

I just integrated my service and installed Trace: Run your application and wait a few minutes. I integrated my service more than 5 minutes ago: Check out the Troubleshooting page. I don’t know: Contact us via the live chat and we’ll figure it out for you.

Linking trace with additional applications

  1. Select your application
  2. Pick the "Add-ons" menu
  3. Click the "link" button in the list where you see your Trace add-on
  4. Repeat the original integration steps from # 3 Name you application
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