Service Dependencies

On Clever Cloud, each application depends on one or more backing addons. Each addon exposes configuration, which allows the user to choose which addon link to an application.

In a micro services architecture, backing services can be addons or other applications. Clever Cloud allows you to declare the dependencies between applications in the same way you can declare a dependency from an application to an addon.

Clever Cloud allows to declare the topology of your micro services graph by letting you link applications in the same way you can link addons.

Service dependencies
Service dependencies

To link an application to another, go to the “Service Dependencies” tab and add the applications you depend on.

Exposed configuration

Each application can expose configuration to be used by other applications. For instance an API can expose its URL and credentials to access it. The exposed configuration will be injected in the dependent applications' environment.

Redeploy on configuration update

When an application updates its exposed configuration, all applications depending on it are automatically redeployed.

Automatic redeployment
Automatic redeployment