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Analytics and consumption

Clever Cloud billing is based on two kind of products: apps and add-ons. Running apps consume credits within the organization, whereas add-ons are directly billed for the coming month.

Applications Bill Calculation

Apps credit consumption is done on a 10 minute basis per scaler (instance). If you have one application running on two scalers, you will be billed each month like this: Price per month = Number of running x instance price per 10min x 144 x 30

In the console, the consumption of each apps is displayed


Upscale & Downscale Impacts

If your apps is experiencing upscale and downscale frequently, like several times per month, your monthly invoice amount will not be exactly the same each month, if auto-scalability is enabled (in your app preferences, tab “Scaling”).

Most of our cutomers apps running with auto-scaling enabled have less than a ±5% variation between consecutive months in their invoice. Especially because upscale events don’t last for long before a downscale occurs, usually after 2-3 hours. High traffic is most of the time temporary (a newsletter sendings, a TV show appearance, Techcrunch effect etc.).

In the end, auto-scaling is pretty useful to avoid applications slowdown with a significant impact on your billing.