Intro to add-ons

Applications often requires one or more services in addition to the runtime itself. For example, you may need databases for storing data, cache engine for performances, long time log storage, etc...

These services are called add-ons. There is a great number of them, based on many technologies, and developed by many companies, or communities. It could be a database, a cache system or a search engine.

Most of the add-ons catalog is provided by Clever Cloud, but vendors are also allowed to provide services external to Clever Cloud (See how to integrate your SaaS with Clever Cloud)

Clever Cloud's add-ons

Some add-ons are developed and maintained by Clever Cloud, exclusively.

  • Cellar S3
  • File System Buckets
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis +
  • Socks
  • Kafka$
  • RabbitMQ
  • Riak KV

Adding an add-on

To add an addon, please refer to the dedicated section.


There is two kinds of billing:

  • Per-month billing: Add-ons with fixed resources (storage, CPU and RAM)
  • Per-usage billing: Add-ons based on consumption, like FS-Buckets and Cellar

Warning on SHARED plans

Add-ons having a free plan are meant for testing purposes, not production usage. These add-ons usually rely on shared resources, resulting in variable, non-guaranteed performances and stability.
Shared clusters may not be running the same version as dedicated instances.

Note: Per usage billing will be taken on runtime credits each day, while per-month add-ons will create a new line in the monthly invoice.

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