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MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

MySQL version

The version currently installed by the add-on is :

  • on shared plans (DEV) : MySQL 8.0
  • on newly created dedicated databases (plans XS Small Space and above) : MySQL 5.7.20 or 8.0

MySQL plans

MySQL pricing plans
NameLogsDB sizeConn. limitMemoryTypeVCPUSPrice /mo
DEVno10 MB5SharedSharedSharedFree
XXS Small Spaceyes512 MB15512 MBDedicated15.00 €
XXS Medium Spaceyes1 GB15512 MBDedicated15.90 €
XXS Big Spaceyes2 GB15512 MBDedicated16.80 €
XS Tiny Spaceyes2 GB751 GBDedicated113.00 €
XS Small Spaceyes5 GB751 GBDedicated122.00 €
XS Medium Spaceyes10 GB751 GBDedicated124.50 €
XS Big Spaceyes15 GB751 GBDedicated127.00 €
S Small Spaceyes10 GB1252 GBDedicated244.00 €
S Medium Spaceyes15 GB1252 GBDedicated246.50 €
S Big Spaceyes20 GB1252 GBDedicated249.00 €
M Small Spaceyes20 GB2504 GBDedicated4103.00 €
M Medium Spaceyes40 GB2504 GBDedicated4113.60 €
M Big Spaceyes80 GB2504 GBDedicated4133.60 €
L Small Spaceyes40 GB5008 GBDedicated6207.20 €
L Medium Spaceyes80 GB5008 GBDedicated6227.20 €
L Big Spaceyes120 GB5008 GBDedicated6247.20 €
XL Small Spaceyes80 GB75016 GBDedicated8414.40 €
XL Medium Spaceyes160 GB75016 GBDedicated8454.40 €
XL Big Spaceyes320 GB75016 GBDedicated8534.40 €
XXL Small Spaceyes160 GB90032 GBDedicated101022.00 €
XXL Medium Spaceyes320 GB90032 GBDedicated101134.00 €
XXL Big Spaceyes640 GB90032 GBDedicated101358.00 €
XXL Huge Spaceyes960 GB90032 GBDedicated101582.00 €

Database Daily Backup and Retention

By default, Clever Cloud performs a free backup every day, with a retention of seven days. Retention and frequency can be customized for Premium customers. Each backup can be found in the add-on dashboard in the web console, along with the credentials.

Migrating from an old database

Some applications require a populated database to run properly. If you want to import your SQL dump, you can use several methods:

  1. Our WebGUI (PHP My Admin).
  2. Command line tool for MySQL administration.
  3. Any MySQL client such as MySQL Workbench.

If you need to import a very large dump, please send an email to support@clever-cloud.com.

Direct access

All our dedicated MySQL databases are served via a proxy. To reduce the latency you can bypass this proxy by generating direct hostname and port for the addon. You can do it by clicking the “Generate direct hostname and port” on the addon dashboard.

This action will add new environment variables to reach the addon without any proxy.

Keep in mind that usage of direct access is a trade-off: when you migrate your addon, you will need to to generate hostname and port again so your application must update these environment while proxy usage changes nothing.

Encryption at rest

Encryption at rest is available on MySQL. You can have more information on the dedicated page