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Machine Learning with Clever Grid

Concepts in Clever Grid

Clever Grid is the machine learning oriented platform by Clever Cloud. It provides a unified GPU ecosystem to run your scripts.

Organization, Application, Add-on

In Clever Grid you create some applications under one organization. Organization is useful to manage roles and team collaboration.

An application is a stateless virtual machine which runs your code.

Additionally to an application, you can link one or more stateful virtual machine called add-on in Clever Grid. That lets you keep your data

Application as Runner, Application as Webapp

In some case, you may just need a one run of a script. To train a model or proceed a huge calculation for example. That the interest of Runner. A Runner runs a script and then go away.

A Webapp keeps the application up and serve via HTTP.

Create an application

  1. Go to https://dashboard.clevergrid.io, create a “brand new application”.
    Create application.
    Create application.
  2. Select the application type :
    • Docker (Runner | Webapp)
    • Python (Runner | Webapp)
    • Java (Runner | Webapp)
  3. Select the size of your instance(s) and the number of nodes
  4. (optional) You can choose a Template for your application

Create an add-on

  1. Go to https://dashboard.clevergrid.io, Add a “a storage service”.
  2. Select the storage plan you need
  3. Link it to your applications

Set-up an application

You can pass some parameter to your application by environments variables.

  • Go to dashboard.clevergrid.io and select your application
  • Manage your environment variables by the tab “Environment variables”
    Environment selection
    Environment selection

Python applications

If there is a requirements.txt in the root folder of your application, dependencies will be installed during the deployment.

  • Starting file
    • Clever Grid need to know which file runs to start your application. That can be a python file, declare in the CC_MLPYTHON_RUN_MAIN environment variable or custom bash script in CC_MLPYTHON_START_SCRIPT environment variable.

For example, “pytorch.py” and “./pytorch.py are both valid. Bash scripts are expected to be executable (via chmod+x)

Docker application

Refer to the Clever Cloud documentation : https://www.clever-cloud.com/doc/docker/

Java application

Refer to the Clever Cloud documentation : https://www.clever-cloud.com/doc/java/java-jar/

Hooking build steps

Between the build steps and before running the script, you can hook scripts. The hooks are documented here: https://www.clever-cloud.com/doc/clever-cloud-overview/hooks/ E.g. you can have a post build hook to initialize conda and stuff.

Send your code

Your Clever Grid application is now set up to receive your code.

  • Go to your project and add the Clever Grid repository to your repository :

    git remote add clever-grid git+ssh://git@push-clevergrid-clevercloud-customers.services.clever-cloud.com/<APP_ID>
  • Push your code

Command line management

In addition to the Clever Grid console, you can manage your add-ons and applications from the command line with Clever Tools.

see : https://www.clever-cloud.com/doc/clever-tools/getting_started/


Clever Grid application are reports on the Clever Cloud platform to billing purpose


If you are having issues, please let us know support@clever-cloud.com