Your Docker Apps,
Deployed with a Git Push.


No vendor lock-in

You do not need to modify your code to make it run on Clever Cloud. There is also no entry or exit costs. You are free to come and leave when you want.


Get automatic scalabilty: our platform is able to distribute dynamically resources to your app in real-time. You can also fine-tune your app's infrastructure by yourself.

Restart on crash

All apps are automatically monitored by the platform. If an error is catched or if a material failure occurs, an new deployment is triggered.

Multi zones

Host your apps on our Canadian or French datacenters. Pick what's best for your business and performance needs.

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Git-Based Production Process

Don't say goodbye to the tools you love. Clever Cloud integrates Git for graceful Docker apps deployments. No vendor lock-in: come as your are, you're already awesome.

One-Click Add-Ons

We support many technologies but if yours is missing below, it means we may already be working on it.

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Cellar S3 Storage

FS Buckets



Configuration provider