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Clever Cloud Enterprise

Skyrocketting Innovation

The ease of use of Clever Cloud, with the specific care large corporates need.
Public or On Premises.


The Circle of Innovation

Due to the speed of changes in our modern world, enterprises are on a high tension. This leads IT departments to move unrelentlessly forward to keep up the pace of innovation, increasing the risks of multiplication of tools and bad technological choices.

With appropriate tools of productivity and automated infrastructures for developers, the Cloud leverage technical and organisational bottlenecks stopping innovations to stand out, and helps you to take your company to the future, without any IT failure.

Why Enterprises Use Clever Cloud

Faster iterations

The big focus of organisations today is to react and trigger change more quickly. This goal is simplified with Clever Cloud, giving you access to a world where delivery is faster than ever. Code, push and iterate. It's now that simple, with your own tools.

Application Sustainability

What should happen once you have deployed an application on a IaaS platform? At Clever Cloud we have automated everything so your application never goes down: monitoring, backups, scaling, security updates, blue/green deployments, CI/CD tools integration.

Managed IT Costs

Clever Cloud Premium and On-Premises gives you a corporate-compliant control on your costs. Know how apps consume resources, and finely manage each department consumption in your orgnization.

We Made These Offers to Fit Your Use Cases


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  • Deployment is one git push
  • Fully managed services
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Slack Notifications
  • Github integration
  • Complete VM isolation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Application Sustainability
  • Logging
  • Real-time Monitoring


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  • All Public features
  • Dedicated Frontends
  • Secured and Private Connection
  • Unified Gateway
  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • Dedicated Solutions Architects
  • Upgrade checkup
  • Advanced Backup Policy
  • Meetings w/ our engineers
  • Early access to new features

On Premises

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  • All Public & Premium features
  • Fast infrastructure provisioning
  • Predictive costs
  • Always up-to-date solutions
  • Dedicated cloud specialist
  • Integrate with your tools
  • Internal compliance
  • Availability and resilience
  • Deliver IT as a service
  • Active training

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