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Security Policy

Our Policy about Security Information

Vulnerability Reporting

The key to good security is quick reaction. All of our infrastructure is monitored for security issues, but sometimes automated monitoring does not catch everything. In those cases, we still rely on humans. As part of our processes, we're committed to work with security researchers to improve the system for our clients. Concretely, it means that we will consider your report seriously and work with you early on to investigate security issues while keeping the platform available for other clients. We have a history of detecting flaws, patching and updating our whole platform in a matter of hours or days so expect the disclosure process to be smooth. We do not have a bug bounty process yet, but if you are one of our clients, we can reward you with hosting credits.

The engineering team will look into it and take action to immediately fix the potential vulnerability.

Security Contact Email



Please use our GPG Key to send us sensitive information