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Clever Cloud Elasticsearch

One-Click Elasticsearch Hosting

Secure your Data, Auto-Scale & Focus on your Product

Install in Seconds

Creating an Elasticsearch database on Clever Cloud is a no brainer. In one click, your database is production ready.

Full-text Search Empowerment

Elasticsearch builds distributed capabilities on top of Apache Lucene to provide the most powerful full- text search capabilities available.

Easy Configuration

Deploy your apps without commiting any Elasticsearch credentials. The Elasticsearch add-on provides environment variables you can embed in your code. During the deployment, the environment variables of Elasticsearch will be injected in your app.

Awesome Support

Any question on Elasticsearch? Our friendly support team is here to help you. Via chat or email, feel free to reach out.

Specific Needs?

If you have specific needs, we can provide special Elasticsearch configurations with multinodes, etc...

Affordable Pricing

Clever Elasticsearch is available at a competitive price. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote if you have bigger needs.


No credit card needed.