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Clever Cloud Metrics

Apps that share how they feel

Introducing Metrics for your apps: CPU, Network I/O, Active Process, Memory and Disk Usage at your fingertips. With an API.

Real-time data FTW!

Metrics provides a complete list of monitored software and infrastructure data, like network I/O, CPU, RAM, disk, process. For each app, you'll see every instances avaialable.

Runtime-specific data are also available, like the number of idle worker PHP or the used heap in Java. The Advanced tab will allow you to select the metrics you want.

Navigate between time and VM

You can use metrics to check either real-time behaviour of your app, or what happened a few hours or days ago.

Metrics is quite conservative: you can see data from previous instances of your app. For example, if you've spun up a new version of your app on a new instance, you can still use its data. Simply select the date and time you want to review.

Push your own data

StatsD is a standard protocol with a collection of tools that can be used to send, collect, and aggregate metrics from any application. Clever Cloud Metrics support StatsD to allow you to push these data.

You can find a bunch of library for Node, Java, Ruby, Haskell and other languages.

Try it in your application now

Start monitoring your app now: deploy an app and configure the following Environnement Variables:


Demo App Doc