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Clever Cloud Premium

Tailored Cloud Solutions for Corporate Needs

Que propose Clever Cloud Premium ?

Clever Cloud Premium a été conçu dans l'optique d'apporter les bénéfices de l'offre publique, mais avec une mise en conformité sur-mesure pour répondre aux exigences de votre politique interne.

Connectivité améliorée

Clever Cloud Enterprise is built as a part of your IT infrastructure, but outside of it. That's why we've designed a specific offer around connectivity: network-isolated with dedicated runtime environments inside Clever Cloud.

Your environment is protected inside Clever Cloud, preventing your apps from sharing data outside of your network. But still, you get the ability to allow some external services to access your in-house IT infrastructure.

Dedicated Frontends

  • Access to your apps via specific IPs
  • Fine-tuning of access rules
  • 100% Clever Cloud technology
  • Possibility to use your own IP addresses pool

Connexions VPN

  • Various VPN technologies supported
  • Anonymous connections betwen your IT and Clever Cloud
  • Access policy fully customizable
  • Clever Cloud as a part of your IT infrastructure

Gateway unifiée

  • Finely-tuned control on Clever Cloud's outgoing connections
  • Gateway TCP, for any kind of protocols and services
  • Outgoing network sandboxed and isolated
  • Make use of your own IP addresses

All Stars Support

Chat, Email, Phone etc.

The support team is available via phone, email and even chat. As an option, we can even send one of our support engineers on-site.

Fully Prioritized Tickets

If you need quick answers, Clever Cloud Enterprise is for you. We can also provide a contractual engagement on our response time.

24/7 Phone Support

Get access to the full phone support. In case of emergency, don't wait for emails anymore and get help from a real human. Night and day.

Dedicated Solutions Architects

To get the most of Clever Cloud, you have a dedicated solutions architect to help you through your migrations and deployments.

Deployments & Your Processes: the right way,

Full Control Over Deployment Lifecycles

Choose the upgrades you want. With Clever Cloud Enterprise, you can check any upgrade on the middlewares you run: databases, cache services, runtimes, application servers etc.

Better Backup Policy

Get higher backup frequency (24h by default). Move to twice or more per day, and get an Extended Retention policy (from 7 days up to 6 months).

Training & Integration

Corporate meetings with Clever Cloud's engineers

The implementation of a service like Clever Cloud is full of great and rich experiences. Get an overview on how Clever Cloud works and get advice on how to master the deployment of applications and services.

Hands-on Sessions with Clever Cloud's tools

We've built a bunch of tools to empower our users. Get more productive on how to use Clever Cloud, Git, the CLI, etc.

Learn How to Scale your Apps

Materials to learn how to build apps for the cloud plus an overview on how to design micro-services architectures, make use of noSQL etc.

Contact Sales

Our team is happy to answer your sales questions. Tell us your use-case, we'll head back to you as quiclky, under a couple of hours generally.