Cloud and Green IT

Clever Cloud: a cloud green by design

With its technological approach based on the dynamic, optimal and sustainable allocation of resources, Clever Cloud enables you to consume only the resources your services really need and to reduce the carbon footprint of your applications. Choosing Clever Cloud means choosing an eco-responsible hosting solution for your business. That is our vision of Green IT.

Clever Cloud is firmly committed to the fight against climate change. Since our creation, we have chosen to put its technological expertise at the service of creating solutions to reduce energy consumption and save the planet’s resources. We adopt a scientific and technical approach to environmental challenges, emphasizing engineering. We are aware that the growth of cloud usage must coincide with technologies that diminish the environmental impact of hosted applications and databases.

Green IT : highly optimised infrastructures

The vast majority of hosting architectures represent an excessive source of wasted resources, whether in terms of the energy consumed by data centers or the construction of servers and other equipment required for data storage and communications. Servers are often oversized in anticipation of future needs or to absorb fluctuations in traffic.

Hence, at Clever Cloud, driven by our Green IT objective, we’ve pioneered a profoundly distinct strategy aimed at conserving resources more effectively and efficiently. This is accomplished through the innovative technological software and hardware solutions we conceive, amalgamate, and implement. We engineer our infrastructures to curtail the environmental impact while ensuring the longevity of servers.

Due to our machines’ intelligent management, Clever Cloud can realize CPU savings of up to 30%. This is achieved through substantial optimization of our software and orchestration methods, particularly by tailoring our operating system kernel specifically for our hardware architectures. Combined with large-scale deployment, the optimisation of processor instructions makes a significant difference. Furthermore,we maximize the utilization of our servers throughout their lifecycle, ensuring no compromise in performance for our customers. This practice helps us avoid unnecessary replacement of fully functional hardware, consequently reducing the production of new servers, which contributes to carbon emissions and consumes natural resources.

We choose OCP servers for our data centres (Open Compute Project) whose design ensures greater energy efficiency. Moreover, we decide to work with European industrial partners who share our values, such as Kalray, Scaleway and Qarnot.

We choose environmentally-friendly data-centers and is working on advanced technologies to reduce or reuse the waste heat generated by servers. The majority of our infrastructure is currently located in France, which benefits from low-carbon energy.

That is our Green IT vision for infrastructure.

The software at the heart of ecological commitments

The software technology created by Clever Cloud is designed to ensure that each server is always used to its full capacity, without wastage. We have developed a liquid infrastructure that optimises the fill rate of each hypervisor in real time to ensure that no more servers are powered than necessary.

Our orchestrator continuously optimises the size of VMs (virtual machines) according to the resources required by applications, thanks to intelligent monitoring of each application and dynamic resource allocation. If your application temporarily requires less computing power or memory, it will be automatically switched to a more economical VM. Conversely, as soon as a need arises, the orchestrator deploys a larger VM to meet it immediately. The ecological gain enabled by our auto-scaling also becomes an economic gain, since you pay as closely as you need to.

In short, for every watt spent on a physical server, we can be sure that it will be used for as many applications as possible. No more VMs used at just 10% of their capacity by other hosting providers!

Clever Cloud is a source of energy efficiency by design: we run your applications reliably and frugally, maximising the efficiency of the infrastructure that runs them.

Small steps for big challenges

At Clever Cloud, we also favour eco-responsible purchases from ethical companies. Our teams’ IT equipment is used until the end of its useful life or donated for a second life. We consistently advocate for telecommuting and the utilization of local co-working spaces to minimize unnecessary travel. When travel is essential, we prioritize public transportation, carpooling, or soft mobility.