This is Apache Pulsar as a Service: a distributed pub-sub messaging platform with a very flexible messaging model and an intuitive client API. Clever Cloud provides and manages a Pulsar instance for you, so you don’t have to spend time on backups, upgrades or deployment.
  1. 01

    01 Database replication

    Replicating data among databases using Pulsar IO is commonly used to distribute change events from databases.

  2. 02

    02 Parallel processing and workflows

    You can efficiently distribute a large number of tasks among multiple workers (compressing text files, sending email notifications).

  3. 03

    03 Data streaming

    Useful for IoT devices. For example, a residential sensor can stream data to backend servers.

  4. 04

    04 Refreshing distributed caches

    For example, an application can publish invalidation events to update the IDs of objects that have changed.

  5. 05

    05 Real-time Events

    Events distribution, raw or processed, may be made available to multiple applications across your team and organization for real time processing.

  6. 06

    06 Ingestion of user interaction and server events

    Got end-user apps or server events ? You may forward them to Pulsar and then use a stream processing tool which delivers them to your applications. Pulsar allows you to gather events from many clients simultaneously.

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