Serverless databases

Materia is a serverless, fully managed, data storage range of solutions. Push your data, and it will scale with your needs.

Try it now!

# create a new Materia KV add-on

$ clever addon create kv new_materia_kv

# set a key with redis-cli

$ redis-cli -h $KV_HOST --tls SET myKey theValue

# get the value of a key with Clever Tools

$ clever kv get myKey

Serverless Databases

In public Alpha.
Test it now!

For every need


Key-value datastore compatible with Redis and soon DynamoDB, GraphQL


Compatible with SQL databases
Coming soon


Compatible with Time Series databases
Coming soon


Lots more to come

Unique serverless solutions to cover many of your needs

Widely compatible

We conceived Materia as hub you can talk to using lots of existing protocols. We didn’t reinvent the wheel or try to push a new standard, we enable existing ecosystems to your profit.
No more lock-in database!

Very adaptable

Use Materia with any CLI, GUI available on the market or just make your own integration with any compatible client. Link it to a Clever Cloud application or use it with third party services.
Make it work for you!


Why using Materia

It’s scalable

Our Materia database automatically adapts to the amount of data you need to process. From scratch to infinity!

It’s distributed

Materia is automatically distributed to 3 datacenters. No need to think about DRP or backups, with us it’s all included.

It’s robust

Based on FoundationDB, Materia is very robust thanks to its high simulation capacity, enabling a maximum number of scenarios to be explored and the code to be greatly improved.

It’s efficient

Materia is designed to be user-friendly, with instant creation and no cold start. We adopted market standards to simplify handling.