Deploy fully managed Elasticsearch databases with monitoring, backups and migration tools.
  1. 01

    01 Install in Seconds

    Installing Elasticsearch on Clever Cloud is a no brainer. In one click, your service is production ready.

  2. 02

    02 Daily Backups

    Your data is safe. Every night, we backup your Clever Elastic databases and make every archive compressed and ready to download.

  3. 03

    03 Security

    You don’t have to configure anything. We do everything so you exploit the most highly secured configuration of Elastic.

  4. 04

    04 Clustering for high availability

    Elasticsearch instances can be setup is a distributed fashion, to keep working even if some of the components fails. A resilient Elasticsearch cluster can be created with three master-eligible nodes to ensure redundancy.

  5. 05

    05 Awesome Support

    Our support team will manage the first levels of support while being able to escalate to Elastic’s team when needed. You are in good hands!

  6. 06

    06 Fair pricing

    Our starting price is 19 euros per month. With this you can get the full extent of the Elastic Stack, at a very small scale. On the other hand, you can go all the way up to 64 CPUs and 256Go of RAM per node.

  7. 07

    07 Stellar integration

    Elasticsearch is perfectly integrated with Clever Cloud’s services: from the unified authentication to the automatic installation of Kibana and APM.

  8. 08

    08 Encryption at rest

    You can activate Encryption at Rest to secure your data on Clever Cloud. Encryption at rest prevent anyone with physical access to the hard drive to read data.

  9. 09

    09 Comes with Kibana and APM

    Kibana is a user interface that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and browse thought the Elastic Stack. APM (Application Performance Monitoring) is an observability tool to help teams to quickly identify and resolve root cause issues with correlated traces, logs, and metrics.

An Elastic database, with Kibana and APM (both in option) with Platinum features provided in parternship from Elastic™.