Clever Cloud On Premises

Add automation to your On-Premise infrastructures

As a pre-packaged enterprise solution, Clever Cloud On-Premises offers a unique PaaS experience, behind your firewall. You can leverage your existing on-premises software portfolio, or easily integrate next-generation data and software optimized for the cloud.

Discover our Clever Cloud On – Premises offer in the form of a private cloud and automate your infrastructure, or take advantage of Clever Cloud’s..

Clever Cloud offers 3 packages to meet your needs.

Cloud Runtime

  • Applications and databases are running on your servers
  • Your source code stays strictly on your servers
  • Access to the FS bucket on your infrastructures
  • Backups Supported in public Clever Cloud
  • Monitoring data managed in Clever Cloud public
  • Cellar (clone S3, large file storage) on Clever Cloud Public
  • Storing logs on Clever Cloud public


  • Applications and databases are running on your servers
  • Your source code stays strictly on your servers
  • Access to the FS bucket on your servers
  • Backups is on your servers
  • Monitoring is on your servers
  • Cellar (S3 clone for object file storage) is on your servers
  • Logs are on your servers

Air Gap

  • Everything runs above your infrastructure
  • Your infrastructures is fully autonomous
  • An Internet connection is no longer required
  • Updates are performed offline via encrypted hardware

An offering tailored to your needs

Our On-Premise offering lets you choose the options that best suit your needs. Supervision managed by your infrastructure or with Clever Cloud, backups carried out on your premises or with our service, 100% autonomous infra or source code on your servers: you choose according to your needs!

PaaS on your machines with Clever Cloud On-Premises’ offer

Migrating from On-Premise to PaaS has long been complex and costly. Today, Clever Cloud offers you the PaaS experience directly on your servers. Now you can quickly and easily deploy whatever you want!

Easier, faster, smoother

Now you can get a database in a click, deploy a VM in minutes. Make your Dev teams more efficient and your Ops teams more relaxed. Everyone wins, everyone is happy!

Safety first!

The two pillars of our security policy are immutable infrastructure and avoidance of trusted networks.

The code deployed thanks to Clever Cloud is deployed in an ephemeral, reproducible environment.
If one of your applications is compromised, its corrupted code is automatically removed the next time it is deployed. Our approach is based on security in depth, not perimeter security.


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