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Clever Cloud provides a Platform as a Service service, based in Europe. The PaaS helps development teams to put digital applications and services into production on a reliable infrastructure, with automatic scalability and transparent pricing.

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We are a fast-growing IT automation company based in Nantes. Our team is at the heart of everything we do. Our philosophy is based on the values of open source, diversity, remote working and constant delivery.

One of our most important objectives is to create and share knowledge between all our employees, and to ensure that they feel professionally satisfied.

Our activity

Write Code. We run it. Create features, we publish it. Design great software, we make it safe.

Clever Cloud exists for one purpose: helping people and companies to deliver software and services faster. We also focus on true sustainability: we want to make sure that once you app is deployed, it stays up, no matter what (high traffic, security udpates, DDoS , application failure, hardware issues and so on…).

From small projects to big corporates, we aim to deliver a great hosting and deployment experience. We aim to help you to bring back full attention on software quality and improvement, by reducing the friction caused by infrastructure management.

Get to know us on our blog: www.clever-cloud.com/blog, or on Twitter: @clever_cloud

We also have a podcast (in French) where we’re talking about tech news in general. Take a look at Youtube, Spotify or even Apple Podcast.

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Nantes, France – Clever Cloud, French creator of Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting and deployment solutions, announced today its intention to expand internationally, with a particular focus on the African and South Asian markets.
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Clever Cloud was born out of a desire to make life easier for developers, by providing them automation tools and interfaces, so that they can concentrate on their applications and sites.

Clever Cloud and Vates: Two French champions join forces to create comprehensive and autonomous cloud solutions

Nantes and Grenoble, May 23, 2024 – Clever Cloud and Vates are announcing today a partnership aimed at strengthening the strategic autonomy of the cloud in France and Europe.