Java Applications

Clever Cloud is a seamless and efficient hosting solution for Java applications, supporting various Java versions and simplifies deployment through Git integration.
  1. 01

    01 First Class Citizen Runtime

    Java and JVM runtimes are first-class citizen on the Clever Cloud platform. We provide JMX Observability, best in class tuning of the JVM and controllable Garbage Collection to perfectly match your workload requirements.

  2. 02

    02 Auto Scaling

    Wether your run a e-commerce or a business-oriented application, you don’t always need the same ressources. Campaigns, seasons… We offer both auto-scaling or manual.

  3. 03

    03 Simple Pricing

    You only pay when your apps are running. You can pause when you want, buy credits when you can and use them in both auto-scaling or manual scaling.

  4. 04

    04 Allocate time for the product

    Updating Java versions, tweaking the configuration files or mitigating DDoS attacks takes time. Clever Cloud handle this for you according to your scaling settings.

Our pricing depends on the size and the number of instances your application need. Compare it with your current pricing or on our calculator in the pricing page.