Sovereign Cloud

Clever Cloud: a Sovereign Cloud created in France

Founded in Nantes in 2011 and present in several French cities, we design our services and technologies in France and defend European digital sovereignty.

At Clever Cloud, we’re convinced that it’s fundamental to Europe’s strategic autonomy to rely on its own infrastructure and software technologies for hosting data and applications, so that businesses and public authorities don’t become dependent on non-European solutions.

Choosing digital sovereignty

This is an essential democratic issue, because any technological and economic dependence reduces our collective ability to make decisions in complete freedom.

Cloud hosting and deployment technologies, which form the basis of many products and services, are particularly sensitive to these issues of dependency, and require a high degree of sensitivity to the need for digital sovereignty on the part of both private and public players.

By designing European technologies that are independent of those of non-European entities, and thus fighting against monopolies, Clever Cloud also plays an active part in safeguarding the freedom to innovate and the competition by which all players are pushed to provide the best service they can.

Makers at heart

We understand the needs of the developers and startups who place their trust in us, because we design the software with which we like to deploy our own applications. To rely mainly on third-party software would be to give up both cultivating what makes us different and creating the technologies we need for ourselves.

We create and contribute to many European Open Source projects (Biscuit, Sōzu…).

Convinced that cooperation between European players is key to the quality and completeness of sovereign cloud offerings, we also choose to work with French and European industrial partners, e.g. OVHCloud, Outscale, Scaleway, Kalray, Vates, 2CRSi, and many more. Clever Cloud is thus part of an ecosystem of European partners who work daily to defend and improve our digital sovereignty, notably through the commitment of its CEO  as Chairman of the Open Internet Project.

Cloud computing, the European way

Building a European cloud doesn’t just mean being proud to support our countries’ economies and contribute to the European Union’s strategic autonomy. It also means making different, innovative technological choices, enabling Clever Cloud to deliver unique, high-performance services, while respecting European values and legislation.

While U.S. intelligence laws allow access to data entrusted to hosting providers controlled by U.S. entities, Clever Cloud guarantees its customers immunity to intrusive extra-European laws with extraterritorial reach, thanks to capital wholly owned by Europeans, a head office in the European Union, and no subsidiaries in the USA. Clever Cloud thus complies with the legal criteria defined by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) in the SecNumCloud reference framework.

Clever Cloud therefore enables its customers to benefit from the strictest and most protective European legislation for users of cloud services, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Cloud Act, the Digital Services Act (DSA), the Digital Markets Act (DMA), or EU standards and regulations relating to cybersecurity and ethics in digital.

Last but not least, Clever Cloud helps to reveal and retain local talent in Europe, helping to create the European technologies of today and tomorrow.