Diversity and Inclusion

At Clever Cloud, we firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion. We believe that our strength lies in the different profiles that make up our teams, each bringing their own unique experience and vision. It’s in this spirit that we shape our platform and our corporate culture, embracing both our teams and our customers. Find out more about our global commitment below.

Values from our people to our platform

Diversity as a founding value of the company:

All our employees take this strong value to heart, and it’s apparent from the very first job interview. At Clever Cloud, we accept and respect all types of profiles and people, without discrimination.

Respect, everywhere, always:

Respect is a mandatory and necessary value for working at Clever Cloud. We value diversity of experience, values and culture.

Inclusion in the platform

We want our platform to be inclusive, accessible and respectful of all. Every day, our teams work towards this goal, on projects such as :

  • Using more inclusive language: inherited from the past, certain words are no longer acceptable today because they convey values that run counter to our commitment to respect and equality for all, but continue to exist in technical vocabulary. These words do not reflect Clever’s values. As a result, following the example of the Git community, we are renaming the branches of new repositories from “master” to “main” by default. We’re also working to do away with the terms “slave branch”, “blacklist”, “whitelist”, etc.
  • Accessibility of our tools: we are committed to creating tools that are accessible to as many people as possible. Our team of front-end developers is trained to make our platform accessible to people with disabilities, and we work every day to make it so.

Support for associations

We support a number of associations close to our hearts through material partnerships and skills sponsorship.

Supporting the next generation of developers

For Clever Cloud, sharing knowledge is at the heart of our commitment. Our teams are committed to a variety of actions:

  • A strong commitment to the Open Source community and the welcoming of external contributors;
  • Work-study programs and partnerships with schools;

If you have a question, please contact us.


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