Clever Cloud Runner for Heptapod

Octobus and Clever Cloud have developed and integrated the Clever Cloud Runner for Heptapod, which enables on-demand generation of Docker containers of different sizes (Flavors). Take advantage of task pipelines without worrying about administration, scaling capabilities, network performance and quality on a sovereign infrastructure hosted in Europe.
  1. 01

    01 Quick activation:

    Activate Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod for your organization with a single click – it couldn’t be easier.

  2. 02

    02 Easy customization

    Easily define your pipelines using templates for the most popular languages. Edit and validate definitions from the interface or directly from the project file.

  3. 03

    03 Integrated tracking

    Follow the execution of your tasks live, stay notified of the success or failure of your pipelines and consult online activity reports.

  4. 04

    04 Efficiency and scalability

    Automatically obtain lightweight, isolated containers that encapsulate your runtime environment. This ensures faster, more efficient continuous integration processes. It also avoids the problems associated with manually provisioning runtime environments on multiple machines.

  5. 05

    05 Reproducibility and predictability

    Create consistent, reproducible runtime environments, ensuring that your automated test suites run in the right order and successfully in different contexts.

  6. 06

    06 Pay-as-you-go pricing

    Forget about licensing costs or application and upgrade maintenance. We prefer flexible and competitive pay-per-use pricing per active user.

Reduce your CI/CD expenses: use Heptapod.