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Fair and transparent pricing

Build your services upon a platform with predictable costs. No surprises and full scalability, made possible with a precise per-second billing.

Built-in features

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  • Backups
  • 99,9% SLA
  • Pay Per Second
  • Metrics
  • Add-ons
  • Logs
  • Scaling
  • Teams
  • Functionnal Monitoring
  • Awesome Support
  • VPN
  • Network Groups


Runtime are general purpose virtual machines (aka ‘scalers’) running you code.

PHP is deployable with both Git and SFTP in version 7.x and 8.x. Need extensions? Check our already installed extensions or ask the support for it.
JavaScript Runtimes
Clever Cloud supports Node.js, Meteor and Deno runtimes in a elegant and performant way. Compatible with statsd for advanced statistics, like counters and timers.
JVM-based Runtimes
Deploy Java or Scala runtimes with your specific process (Jar or War) or build tools (Maven, SBT…).
Run your Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications. Compatible with Rake, Sidekiq and Active Storage for Cellar.
Python runtimes, perfect for deploying simple Python services or complex Django applications.
Deploy Golang applications on Clever Cloud with the support of go modules, go build or go get.
As a proud member of the Rust Foundation, Clever Cloud provides one of the top-tier Rust deployment platform.
Deploy and build services with Stack for Haskell.
Support for Elixir 1.x applications.
Run any .NET V5 applications on Clever Cloud.


Add-ons add powerful tools and services to your app. Choose from popular providers for performances, monitoring, logging, caching and more.

Managed PostgreSQL Services
Get your PostgreSQL database fully managed, with PGPool II and PG Studio. One click setup, highly auto-scalable (leader-follower compatible) and backuped every day. Custom backup policies available too.
Managed MySQL as a Service
The famous MySQL database available in a fully managed fashion, including with PHPMyAdmin and ProxySQL. One click setup, leader-follower compatible and backuped every day. Custom backup policies available too.
Managed MongoDB as a Service
MongoDB is a noSQL database, fully managed and integrated with Clever Cloud in version 4.0.3.
Managed Redis as a Service.
As a in-memory database, one of the most popular use case of redis is to be a distributed caching layer to maximize apps performances. Comes with Redsmin, a popular Redis GUI for easy management.
Managed Elastic-Stack as a Service
An Elastic database, with Kibana and APM (both in option) with Platinum features provided in parternship from Elastic™. Learn more


Containers are a powerful alternative to "native" runtimes in case of specific operating system or low-level modules.

Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Each docker container is jailed inside a virtual machine. Check our documentation for more information.


Store file and assets

Cellar is a clone of S3 created for object storage, fully hosted in Europe. FS Bucket bring the ability to mount a file system within an application folder for file persistence.


Messaging systems working on a pub-sub (publisher-subscriber) pattern.

Pulsar is a distributed pub-sub messaging platform with a very flexible messaging model and an intuitive client API, coming with a durable storage.

Software Factory

Tools for software development, collaboration, version control and CI/CD

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