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Why Clever Cloud is Different

Cloud infrastructures often lead to a feeling of working in a black box. Have a look at how Clever Cloud provides all the tools and features you need.

Once you have deployed your app on an IaaS, what happens then? At Clever Cloud, we have automated everything so your app is never down: monitoring, backups, scaling, security updates, blue/green deployments, CI/CD tools integration…

Smooth deployments + Service uptime


Application Sustainability

We have happy Customers

Deploy any of your apps easily on the cloud, auto-scale in a breeze, great customer support, I use it everyday!

Francois-Guillaume Ribreau
iAdvize Lead Dev

I use Clever Cloud to host all our web applications and we love it! It's easy to use and it supports all the programming languages we use.

Yoann Grange
Webmaster at Manitou

The support is reactive, and we had also the ability to test with their team some new features such as Redis and Elasticsearch.

Nicolas Martignole
Co-founder of Devoxx France

I use Clever Cloud for my projects and I was never disappointed by them. I really recommend them!

Sébastien Chopin
France JS

It was a bit scary to move to the cloud but it was the perfect timing to satisfy our 400.000 users. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Quentin Lechemia
Founder of MyBandMarket

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