Deploy fully managed MongoDB databases with monitoring, backups and migration tools.
  1. 01

    01 Setup takes seconds

    Installing MongoDB on Clever Cloud is a no brainer. In one click, your database is production ready.

  2. 02

    02 Built with Daily Backups

    Your data is safe. Every night, we backup your Clever MongoDB databases and make every archive compressed and ready to download.

  3. 03

    03 Security

    You don’t have to config anything. We do everything so you exploit the most highly secured configuration of MongoDB. Configure your application with envrinoement variables, so you don’t have to share credentials in your codebase.

  4. 04

    04 Comes with tools

    In one click, access your database schema and data for some easy checks.

  5. 05

    05 Leader/Follower Failover in option

    If you have specific needs, we can provide special MongoDB configurations with replication (master/slave), external extensions, etc… Ask our support team about it!

MongoDB is a noSQL database, fully managed and integrated into Clever Cloud version 4.0.3.