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Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated on: 2022-10-24

This Acceptable Use Policy (this “Policy” or “AUP”) sets forth the terms and conditions of your use of the Clever Cloud Platform (the “Platform”), as determined and governed by the Terms and Conditions. You should review the Policy and any updates to it regularly, and should take reasonable steps to prevent or stop any use prohibited by the Policy as soon as you become aware of such use. By using the Platform, you authorize Clever Cloud to verify by any appropriate means your compliance with the AUP, and you agree to assist in any request to verify compliance with the Policy or to stop a violation.

Chapter 1 – Legality, public order and respect for good morals

1.1. Notification of problematic content

The Customer is solely responsible for the words and content appearing on its own site and on its applications. However, you must put in place all useful and easily accessible measures to identify or allow third parties to notify you directly of illegal content, content contrary to public order or morality, or otherwise problematic content that you host on the Platform, and you must ensure that you respond appropriately as soon as possible. 

1.2. Compliance with regulations

The Customer undertakes to comply with all legal, regulatory and ethical rules governing the use of the Platform in the exercise of its profession or applying to the applications and other services it deploys on the Platform. In any case and without limitation, you must refrain from violating, encouraging to violate or knowingly allowing to violate any right of any other person (including privacy, protection of personal data, intellectual property, defamation, respect of dignity … ), entity, contractual obligation and laws, including laws prohibiting the dissemination of child pornography, forgery, counterfeiting, identity theft, interference with electronic communications, invasion of privacy, unlawful sending of commercial/marketing messages, collection of excessive user data from a minor audience, securities violations, wire fraud, money laundering, terrorist activities, false advertising, spreading or profiting from fraudulent products.

In addition to what has been said, the Customer is reminded that he must not, through his use of the Platform, engage directly or indirectly in pimping, incitement to suicide, online gambling (unless officially approved), or drug trafficking.

Chapter 2 – Reasonable use of the Platform

2.1. Reasonable load on the infrastructure

The Customer shall not undertake any use of the Platform that would generate unreasonable, disproportionate or inappropriate network traffic on Clever Cloud’s infrastructure (including its network) and/or that of third parties to the Agreement, according to industry practice, resulting in an abnormal risk of degrading the performance of the applications of other users of the Platform.

2.2. Foreseeable use

The Customer shall not use the infrastructure and the Platform of Clever Cloud for purposes other than those that could reasonably be expected by Clever Cloud at the time of the conclusion of the Contract.

2.3. Platform Integrity

Customer shall not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Platform. Any security, stability or load testing of the Platform must be done with Clever Cloud’s express prior consent.

2.4. Prohibited Applications

Unless prior authorization has been granted by Clever Cloud, the Customer must not deploy any application whose purpose is the mining of crypto-assets or crypto-currencies, the provision of VPN or proxies services, the deployment of BitTorrent clients or servers (or other similar technologies), the performance of intrusion tests in automated data processing systems, the sending of mass emails, or the automated sending of communications on messaging platforms.

2.5. Reasonable Use of Support

Customer shall make reasonable use of the Support services, using proper language and respecting Clever Cloud’s employees and contractors.

Revision History

2022-10-24Addition of messaging bots to the list of prohibited applications