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Brumaire.io, a development studio, has rapidly established itself as a technology partner of choice for startups, Web3 companies and open source projects. Read its testimonial.


Read Brumaire.io’s testimonial

Since we’ve been using your PaaS services, we’ve seen significant efficiency gains and improvements in several areas […] Our costs across all our services have fallen by 30%.

The history of Brumaire.io

Brumaire.ioa development studio, has rapidly established itself as the technology partner of choice for startups, Web3 companies and open source projects. Specializing in both back- and front-end development, Brumaire.io excels thanks to its in-depth mastery of a multitude of technologies. The company stands out for its business-objective-driven approach to each development, adopting an agile method to remain flexible and efficient. This approach has earned Brumaire.io the recognition and appreciation of its customers.

Brumaire.io’s added value

What sets Brumaire.io apart is its ability to understand its customers and integrate their business challenges and deadlines into every project.

Choosing Clever Cloud

Faced with the major challenges of infrastructure management, automatic scalability and maintenance, Brumaire.io opted for PaaS hosting with Clever Cloud. This decision was motivated by the promise of simplified management, automatic scalability, and a reduction in the time spent on operational maintenance, enabling the team to concentrate on innovation.

The benefits of Clever Cloud

The partnership with Clever Cloud has transformed Brumaire.io’s approach to application hosting.Indeed, it has enabled Brumaire.io to significantly improve its efficiency, speeding up development cycles and strengthening security.

This is why Clever Cloud was chosen to work with Brumaire.io on one of its customers’ projects. This is a revolutionary blockchain data analytics solution, designed to offer users the ability to monitor user typologies, assess market sizes and gather insights on adoption, elasticity and retention time in the blockchain domain. Developing this application involved managing and accessing huge volumes of blockchain data, renowned for its complexity and difficulty of access.

The main reason whyBrumaire.io chose Clever Cloud for the project was its strong ability to handle the scalability and automation of resources required to efficiently process and analyze these vast volumes of complex data. Seamless integration with over ten external data sources and on-chain scripts, as well as optimized synchronization management and secure data delivery via API, directly addressed our crucial need to process a multitude of data points in real time. Clever Cloud provided us with 



+ flexibility

30% savings


+ velocity

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