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Automatisez toute votre infrastructure avec le Cloud

Rendezvos développeurs, vos équipes plus performantes.

Une initialisation simple

  1. Nous nous rencontrons
  2. Nous installons Clever Cloud au sein de votre DC
  3. Vous profitez d'une usine logicielle en quelques semaines

No technical lock-in.

Ok, but what is Clever Cloud?

We are firmly convinced that IT automation will help companies to work quicker and be more agile in their market.

Clever Cloud makes it really easy to deploy, run and scale applications. Set up an environment in a few seconds; deploy, scale, install and integrate add-ons in a snap.

Focus on your job, deliver faster, work happier.

Software Factory
Clever Cloud on your own premises will help you automate your software factory from code to production.
Lean technologies and a performance-oriented engineering team made the fastest toolbox for your apps.
We have been existing for more than 6 years and have one of the highest security records. Audit us anytime.
We conduct many compliance checks on a very large number of production environments, every day.
Simple, immediate, both vertical and horizontal scaling. You can scale manually or automatically.
Everything is automated, from monitoring, to updates, through notifications and DNS management.
Notifications, role-based accesses, webhooks, logs access… everything to make the job friction-less.
Available, friendly and reactive support. Any time. Our customers are our best proof.
…and always improving

Quickly set up an environment

Pick a technology, give it a name. That’s it.

Clever Cloud On-Premises is polyglot and can manage all these technologies hassle free.

Programming languages can be used in different versions and are always set with maximum security by default.

Databases come in their latest version, fully functionnal and automatically backed up.

Deploy anytime

Did you know that the Github engineering team deploys in production more than 2,000 times a day?

Deploy often, as soon as you can, anytime. Clever Cloud offers Blue/Green deployment. Failed deployments never make it to production, which means no downtime.

Deploy the way you want: Git, FTP, Gitlab / Bitbucket / Github integrations… No specific config. Clever Cloud uses the build system of each technology.

Clever Cloud easily integrates with your continuous integration and/or deployment process.

Smart Monitoring & Scaling

If an app doesn’t reply, seems slower, or hasn’t been redeployed for a long time, it is automatically redeployed. Our monitoring patterns are frequently updated without any downtime.

We take care of all the load-balacing, the DDoS attacks mitigation, server ressources optimization...

The needs of your applications vary depending on their usage. Back in the old days, you had to pay a fixed fee and sometimes, it was not enough. Especially when you needed it most.

One of the core features of Clever Cloud is real-time ressources adjustment.

You can scale manually or automatically, vertically and horizontally. Add scalers, big or small ones. Remove them, change their size… or just auto-scale (with/without high/low limits) and work on something else.

Only pay for what you really need.


Clever Cloud security updates are made by our core engineering team for more reliability, reactivity and independance over security choices.

We can update your whole infrastructure in less than 15 minutes.

Every application is isolated to its own virtual machine. Total isolation is our top priority.

Our platform is built on usage models. Any suspicious use out of these models is measured, historized and emits an alert.

Clever Features

Dashboard & Reporting
Roles & Accesses
Costs Management
Environment Variables
Exposed Configuration
And so many more…

Starter Pack Deal

Clever Cloud On-Premises packages start at

€ 3,990 / month

including training and support.

Priority Support

  • Priority on all requests
  • Premium support by email, chat and phone
  • Contractual reply time
  • Dedicated engineering account manager
  • Regular follow-up

Clever Club

  • Engineering team exclusive talks
  • Clever Cloud roadmap workshops
  • Exclusive beta features access

All that on your own premises!

  • All the cleverness of our product on your own infrastructure, servers, network; running your own apps and exploiting your data.
  • Secured link between your infrastructure and your on-premises Clever Cloud zone for updates and maintenance.
  • A dedicated engineering account manager for your internal comittees.

Available in 2 Flavours

Light ZoneAutonomous Zone
ApplicationsOn your own premisesOn your own premises
DataOn your own premisesOn your own premises
FS BucketsOn your own premisesOn your own premises
BackupsClever CloudOn your own premises
Monitoring DataClever CloudOn your own premises
Cellar (Large files)Clever CloudOn your own premises
LogsClever CloudOn your own premises
Hardware Prerequisties
Available Disk3 TB10 TB

Any questions?

We are humans running machines, not the opposite.

We love it when we get mail.
It helps us improving on a daily basis.