The End of Server Management

Deploy Your Apps in Seconds on Bulletproof Infrastructure

1. Push Your Code with Git

Don't say goodbye to the tools you love. Clever Cloud integrates Git and FTP for graceful apps deployments.
No vendor lonk-in: come as your are, you're already awesome.


2. Out of the Box Production environement

Full feature production platform, with DNS management, SSL, automatic backups, logs and API to fully control your app's lifecyle.
MyApp is deploying

3. Keeping Consumption Under Control

You're about to get some trafic?
Don't worry, Clever Cloud features automatic scaling with advanced configuration, allowing you to finely tune your apps and manage any kind of heavy load scenario.

4. That's All

Focus on your job, not on infrastructure. We want you to be a happy developer.

“My blog migrated to Clever Cloud this night. Impressed by how fast it is!”

Testimonial author photo Jeremie Berrebi, @jberrebi

Angel investor

“Clever Cloud is definitely my favorite PaaS platform for Play2 Scala hosting.”

Testimonial author photo Nicolas Martignole, @nmartignole

Co-founder of Devoxx France

“Something that you should test!”

Testimonial author photo Tugdual Grall, @tgrall

Technical Evangelist @MongoDB

“Our projet at Angelhack is hosted on Clever Cloud! It's really nice and fast!”

Testimonial author photo Jonathan Winandy, @ahoy_jon

BI Platform Engineer at Viadeo

“Many reasons to go for Clever Cloud :)”

Testimonial author photo Maxime Alay-Eddine, @tarraschk

Founder of Argaus

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