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Deploy review apps on Clever Cloud from GitHub and GitLab

Deploy from GitLab or GitHub

Over the past few months, some customers have raised questions about CI/CD building to deploy…


Metrics: Offloading billions of datapoints each month

Metrics are crucial to the day-to-day running of our platform. Here's how we've automated the archiving process.
bannier which illustrate how to deploy AI on Clever Cloud

Deploy llama, mistral, openchat or your own model on Clever Cloud

If AI has been in the news recently, it's mainly through large language models (LLMs), which require substantial computing power for training or inference. Thus, it's common to see developers using them via turnkey APIs, as we did in a previous article. But this is changing thanks to more open and efficient models and tools, which you can easily deploy on Clever Cloud.
bannier Sozu

Open sourcing Sōzu connectors

Clever Cloud is today the main developer of Sōzu, a Reverse Proxy that was developped at Clever Cloud, in Rust, to meet the needs of our infrastructure for performance and hot reloading.
How matomo works on Clever Cloud

How does Matomo work on Clever Cloud ?

In a previous post, we explained why you should switch from Google Analytics to Matomo for your audience measurement.

Deploy a Scala / Akka application with PostgreSQL integration

Learn how to create and deploy on Clever Cloud a simple Scala/Akka HTTP template application with PostgreSQL persistence.

Removal of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from our load balancers on June 30

While we have maintained TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for compatibility reasons, this will no longer be the case as of June 30.
sdk Rust

Introducing the Clever Cloud Rust SDK

Our engineering team is proud to announce a brand new Rust software development kit (sdk), also known as "clevercloud-sdk" on

Heptapod: Octobus’ enhanced GitLab, ready to use

Heptapod is a full GitLab offering, with the possibility of using Mercurial as a CVS for those who want it.
Engineering Features
Environment variable

Improving our environment variables editor

The environment variables editor was proposed with a Simple or Expert mode. We have added a third, using JSON format. You can read/write in it.
Engineering Features
Cellar C1 Migration process

Migration Required for Buckets on Cellar C1 Cluster

tl;dr: On March 21th 2022 the Cellar C1 cluster will reach its end of life.…


Security update about npm libraries ‘colors’ and ‘faker’

Few days ago, Marak Squires, the developer behind the open-source npm libraries colors and faker, decided to corrupt the libraries, to denounce issues in open-source projects' funding system. Learn how to protect your app.

Security update about Log4Shell

What is Log4Shell?

You probably heard about Log4Shell (or CVE-2021-44228), the vulnerability which impacted log4j,…

erlenmeyer-promql banner

Enabling PromQL queries with Erlenmeyer

You are using Clever Cloud to deploy applications runtimes or add-ons. But do you know…
Apache Pulsar Public Beta release

Apache Pulsar Public Beta Release

It's a big day for queuing and streaming enthusiasts today. Our engineering team is proud…

How to deploy Apache Superset on Clever Cloud

At Clever Cloud we manage most of our own data and when we want to…

Biscuit tutorial

In the previous article, I introduced Biscuit, our authentication and authorization token, and mentioned…


Biscuit, the foundation for your authorization systems

After 2 years of development, I am proud to share with you the official release…


Using JAAS in the Cloud Era

In this article, we will learn how to configure JAAS authentication in a JVM application…


How to Deploy a Static Site on Cellar

You don't need an application to deploy a static site on Clever Cloud anymore. Let's…