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As you might have heard, one of the strongest storms hit the Philippines on November 8. The typhoon Haiyan caused catastrophic damages, leaving many parts of Philippines inaccessible to government and aid officials. New report claims there is more than 9.5 million people affected. Act for Philippines is a campaign benefiting the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, whose purpose is to raise the maximum amount of funds for the victims of the disaster in the Philippines.

This great initiative has been created by iRaiser, Hopscotch and Delsol Avocats. Here, at Clever Cloud, we are proud to offer the hosting of such a great initiative.

Many internationnal athletes are already involved in the greatest team of the world, in order to gather funds for helping the victims of the typhoon Haiyan. All donations are directly transfered to UNHCR.

So get involved today, and Act for Philippines!

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By Clément Nivolle

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