New contest: Deploy & Win a Ticket for DevFest Nantes 2017

New contest! Deploy an app on Clever Cloud & Win a ticket for DevFest Nantes 2017 (& other swag). Very simple: you deploy between september 1st and october 1st and we make a draw on october 2nd.

Simple Contest

We set up a very simple contest: deploy an app on Clever Cloud and win a ticket for DevFest Nantes 2017. That's it? Yeah, that's it.

And we made it very simple. Really simple? Yeah. Really.

We created to explain you how to play.

We also wrote a step by step guide on the readme file of the app to deploy. From app fork to final deployment:

How to deploy on Clever Cloud step by step.

Here's a short recap:

  • Fork this app on your GitHub account.
  • Edit the index.js file with your personnal information.
  • Signup with GitHub on Clever Cloud (if not already a user) or link your GitHub account (if not already done).
  • Deploy the app

You're done!

It should take under 2 minutes.

Ok 5 minutes if reading carefully the readme and every item of the console.

A Few Rules

Deploy between September 1st and october 1st.

No matter how many times you deploy. You will have the same chances.

Don't forget to uncomment and precise your name, firstname and email address in the index.js file before deployment. If not, well your participation won't be taken into account.

If you want to preserve your 20 € of trial credits, you can delete your app once it has been deployed. You will still participate in the draw on october 2nd.

The contest is not only for current clients but is open to anyone.

Inviting your grandma to deploy doesn't get you bonus points. To our eyes, a lot ; but not for this game.

Feel free to contact support if you have any difficulty.

Come to DevFest Nantes 2017

DevFest Nantes is a really cool event gathering more than 1,600 developers in Nantes and is organized by a team of volunteers doing an great job.

Check out the awesome speakers list.

Have a look at last year's DevFest Nantes wrap up:

These are two days well spent in Nantes if you are a developer or even if you are still a student or just a tech-friendly person.

We Sponsor DevFest Nantes!

This year, we are proud to announce that we sponsor DevFest Nantes.

Feel free to come to our booth for questions, feedback or just chat. Plus, we will probably make user tests with video recording and we would LOVE you to try our product and screencast you so we can improve even more.

So, if you win or not, see you at DevFest Nantes on october 19th.

Get ready, DEPLOY!


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