Clever Cloud announces the appointment of Jean-Baptiste Piacentino as Cloud Diplomat

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Nantes, September 18, 2023 – Clever Cloud, a French creator of solutions for deploying and hosting websites and applications in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) mode, is pleased to announce the creation of a Cloud Diplomat position aimed at strengthening its ability to promote its technological vision and the technical interests of European cloud players. We have chosen to appoint Jean-Baptiste Piacentino to this position, who will bring to this mission his recognized expertise and commitment to open source and digital sovereignty.

The European cloud faces a number of challenges, including energy efficiency, industrial and political sovereignty, free competition and information systems security. Clever Cloud is convinced of the need for collective, ambitious responses to these challenges, based on a mutual understanding of technological solutions and the consequences of regulatory choices. Finding and adopting these answers can only be done through solid argumentation and consensus-building, to the benefit of everyone’s interests. As part of Clever Cloud’s Public Affairs department, the Cloud Diplomat will help to ensure the coherence and feasibility of the proposals put forward in various technical and regulatory discussion forums relating to the cloud, and will work with stakeholders to achieve these common goals.

The role of Cloud Diplomat will be filled by Jean-Baptiste Piacentino, who will bring his extensive international experience of digital companies and organizations. After initial positions in networks and telecoms, at Palm Computing, Philips and Telefonica among others, Jean-Baptiste was General Manager of the Thunderbird messaging software at Mozilla Corporation, where he was also behind the first services based on WebRTC technology, which today forms the basis of many open source videoconferencing services. He was also Deputy Managing Director of the European search engine Qwant, with particular responsibility for Qwant Junior, a children’s version widely deployed in French-speaking schools. Since then, he has put his experience at the service of EdTech companies, and co-founded, which unifies search across multiple cloud services, before joining Clever Cloud.

“In the digital world, law and technology influence each other ever more closely, so to be relevant it’s essential to have a sharp technical eye and to know how to interface between the technological and political decision-making arenas. Jean-Baptiste is here to help us make this interface in his role as Cloud Diplomat, and he will be invaluable in promoting the interests of the European cloud”, says Guillaume Champeau, Director of Legal Affairs and Public Affairs at Clever Cloud.

“I’m very proud that Jean-Baptiste has joined us. Clever Cloud’s involvement in technical discussions with regulatory implications is vital to our strategy and to materializing our commitments, particularly in terms of digital sovereignty. In our business, it’s essential to talk to the whole ecosystem and reconcile everyone’s interests and constraints. Jean-Baptiste will confirm and reinforce the active role Clever Cloud intends to play in defining the future of the cloud in Europe”, says Quentin Adam, President of Clever Cloud.

“I’m delighted to be joining Clever Cloud, which is a high-tech company whose mastery of the cloud is impressing many customers and partners. When Quentin and Guillaume told me about the Cloud Diplomat role they wanted to create and entrust to me, I saw it as an opportunity to put my experience to good use in a project that is totally aligned with my commitments and beliefs. I can’t wait to start working with the whole team and with members of the cloud community”, says Jean-Baptiste Piacentino.


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