Clever Cloud goes live on Twitch

After the MACI podcast, Clever Cloud is now offering new content on Twitch. On this platform, the aim is more pedagogical: to offer viewers the chance to improve their skills in certain languages and tools.

First content on Rust language

The Rust language is gaining in popularity for its performance, its low-level nature, its memory security and its ability to detect errors at compile time.

At Clever Cloud, it’s being used more and more, and we’re seeing a real increase in interest when we talk to developers at trade fairs and meetings.

Akanoa then came up with the idea of sharing his skills via Twitch lives. A Clever Cloud colleague, Manu, was keen to learn this language. It was the perfect way to launch the channel. We’re going to continue with this, and add new content as the months go by.

How can you take part?

There are 2 ways to enter today:

  • First, you can follow our live Twitch sessions every other Wednesday (whenever possible) from 3 to 5 p.m. on our Twitch channel,
  • Secondly, you can replay our live sessions on the Twitch channel or on our Youtube channel.

We’re thinking of offering our viewers the chance to take part in live sessions in the future. If you’re interested in taking part in our content one day, please contact us.

A will to share

At Clever Cloud, sharing skills is an integral part of our values: Open Source, talks, workshops, and so on. We’re also committed to Open Source (Reverse Proxy Sōzu , the Biscuit token, participation in the Linux kernel, etc.) and strongly believe that sharing lifts everyone up. Today, going on Twitch is a new step in this willingness to share knowledge that we’re proud of.


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