Our end-of-year events

end of year events

The end of the year is already shaping up to be full of events, trade fairs and conferences. Join our teams across France for the following end-of-year events:

  • November 3 and 4: Unlock your Brain in Brest. Join Yannick Guern for a conference on Saturday 4th dedicated to the Biscuit identification token.
  • November 15 to 16: Cloud Expo Europe in Paris. Meet Quentin Adam, Guillaume Champeau, Jean-Baptiste Piacentino, Clément Nicolle, Florent Perreux, Jennifer Margueritat, Victor Ballu, Carine Guillemet, on stand C22 and come and talk about innovation, discover our demos, etc.
  • November 21 to 23: Salon des maires in Paris. Meet Quentin Adam and Florent Perreux on the Capgemini’ stand to talk about Cloud with public institutions.
  • November 23: DevOps D-Day in Marseille. Meet Alexandre Burgoni, who will be presenting his experience of working with software from scratch to create a serverless infrastructure using the Rust language. You can also meet Sébastien Allemand during the show.
  • December 6 to 8: API Days in Paris.
  • December 7: Imagine Summit in Rennes. Come and meet Quentin Adam and Florent Perreux at this event dedicated to digital innovation in Brittany. Quentin will be giving a talk on digital sovereignty.

We look forward to meeting you!


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Our end-of-year events

The end of the year is already shaping up to be full of events, trade…