Clever Cloud and Cloud Temple announce partnership

Cloud Temple, the reference secure cloud provider, and Clever Cloud, the leader in Platform as a Service (PaaS), have announced a strategic partnership to offer a complete, secure and sovereign French cloud solution, with the aim of making Clever Cloud's PaaS available on Cloud Temple's SecNumCloud-qualified infrastructures.

Clever Cloud embodies the modernity and automation of the cloud, enabling developers and DevOps teams to deploy their applications and databases quickly and easily. Clever Cloud’s promise is to accelerate production releases, with productivity gains of up to a factor of 8 for certain customers.

Cloud Temple is a leading player in the secure cloud, whose Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering has been SecNumCloud-qualified since 2022. The qualification awarded by ANSSI certifies that its products meet the highest levels of technical, organisational and legal security. Through its marketplace, Cloud Temple provides a foundation of trust for PaaS and SaaS solution publishers, meeting all the digital transformation needs of the industry, finance, healthcare and public sectors.

The complementary nature of the Cloud Temple and Clever Cloud offerings makes this partnership a natural fit. Together, the two companies will provide solutions to the innovation challenges faced by organisations and public authorities whose cloud activities are exposed to major security and sovereignty constraints.

Sébastien Lescop, CEO of Cloud Temple, comments: ” So that our customers no longer have to choose between security and innovation, we have placed interoperability at the heart of our strategyThe collaboration with Clever Cloud is fully in line with this dynamic of openness.

Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud, added: “By combining the expertise of Clever Cloud and Cloud Temple, we are creating a French alternative to hyperscalersWith this partnership, we are responding to developers’ needs for agility and automation while meeting the most stringent security requirements. 


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