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Webelis is a web agency company mainly focused on Open Source CMS, with strong Joomla! expertise. Founded in 2009, the company has realised 100+ customers Joomla based websites. As a Joomla expert, Philippe decided to test the very latest Joomla 3.0 beta on the Clever Cloud Platform, in order to benchmark its overall performance.

“The fact is, I have been positively surprised in two ways:

  1. The Clever-Cloud setup/account creation process is very straight forward, without any hassle. I’ve been able to setup a full ready-to-go environment in less than 5 minutes. Deploying Joomla CMS is like a breeze, the FTP access and the database setup (pretty basic though) are standard compared to usual hosting providers (ftp/phpmyadmin), which is a good point.
  2. It’s all about performance. Wow. The Joomla instance is fast as hell. The site runs smoothly and page loading is near instantly. Believe it or not, the hosted site is much faster than my own local install using EasyPhp (running on a 2,53 Ghz core 2 duo / 4GB).

This first “hello cloud” test seems more than promising. Next step consists in deploying an existing Joomla-based website of mine, running on a popular hosting provider, in order to compare performance. I’m very curious and excited to see how the platform reacts under a heavy load.

About prices

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So far, though testing is completely free for the first steps, I intend to test the service in a deeper manner to see how much an average site can cost a month. This is where you may want to stay on a mutulalized hosting for small projects, and keep the Clever-Cloud high-end platform for projects that really need heavy load capabilities.”

Philippe Destré, CEO @Webelis

Thanks to Phillipe, we’ve noted the importance of giving a clear view on our pricing. That’s why we’ve published this week the Clever Cloud Pricing Sheet. Tell us what you think 😉

Oh! You should also note that Ouest Numérique‘s website is also a Joomla! site running on Clever Cloud!


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