Clever Cloud releases PaaS cloud service with automatic scalability and announces a fundraising from Kima Ventures

After two years of research & development, the Nantes-based startup Clever Cloud releases today its cloud computing service (of type Platefom as a Service). The service brings for the first time a “pay-as-you-go” payment model, as well as automatic scalability of hosting’s performances. Clever Cloud also raised money from Kima Ventures this year.

A PaaS hosting with scalable and automatic performance management

Compared to other PaaS services on the market, Clever Cloud automatically adjusts its infrastructure to deliver the performance needed by applications and websites, guaranteeing reactivity.

The second innovation lies in its ability to support multiple languages (PHP, Java, Ruby and Scala), without any code modification required to be compatible with Clever Cloud’s service. Clever Cloud also innovates with its business model: the service charges only "computing power" (bandwidth, storage, computing power, electricity) used by the application, in real time.

Powered by Kima Ventures

Clever Cloud is proud to announce its fund raising made a the beginning of the year, led by with Kima Ventures. This investments fund, created by Jeremie Berrebi and Xavier Niel, is a key partenership : it allows strongs links between Clever Cloud and Iliad, one of the leaders of hosting in France.

A new PaaS offering for the French market

Designed and hosted in France, Clever Cloud is a French alternative to America’s cloud platforms.

This offer is intended for web agencies and SaaS editors. And more generally for all web application developers. "Our customers’ developers can now get rid of the hosting management, and focus on their core business" says Quentin Adam, Clever Cloud’s CEO.

Clever Cloud was founded in 2010 by Quentin Adam. Hiring 9 employees, the company wants to expand its business to Europe and to the United States during the next year.

More information in the new website:


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