Our consortium, InfrateX, wins Simpl

The InfrateX Consortium, led by Sopra Steria with NTT Data and including Clever Cloud as a member, has won the significant contract Simpl.

The InfrateX Consortium, led by Sopra Steria with NTT Data and including Clever Cloud as a member, has won the significant 4 years framework contract Simpl for the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content, and Technology (DG Connect) of the European Commission.

The goal of Simpl, as its name suggests, is to simplify the integration and exchange of data. The consortium aims to design a large-scale, modular, interoperable, and open-source middleware platform. It is a real pride to contribute to the development of the most competitive and streamlined cloud-to-edge federations for the European ecosystem.

The InfrateX Consortium, supported by Gaia-X, FIWARE, i-Share, and BAIDATA, relies on a pan-European ecosystem of carefully selected companies, each bringing significant added value to ensure the success of Simpl’s implementation. This collaboration brings together 26 companies from 14 European countries, including long-standing clients or partners of Clever Cloud, such as Docaposte, OVH Cloud, or Sopra Steria. All these selected companies are experts in their field and recognized for their technological vision and competence.

“Clever Cloud is proud to be part of this open, pragmatic, and collective approach, in harmony with our philosophy. Winning this tender is a recognition of our Cloud vision, our commitment to digital sovereignty, and our R&D approach.” Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud.

The list of companies within InfrateX:

  • Digital Services Companies: Sopra Steria, NTT Data, PwC, Cybernetica, sovity, wetransform, Software Quality Systems (SQS)
  • Cloud Providers: OVHcloud, CloudFerro, Telefonica
  • Software Providers: Clever Cloud, Docaposte, deltaDao AG, Cleyrop, Aleia, BYO Networks, Innovalia, Dawex, Fair & Smart, Ponder Source, Innovalia
  • Researchers & Technology Organisations: ITI, IMEC
  • Associations: CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe), Digital New Deal, Eclipse Foundation, Hub France IA
  • Countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Austria.

To read the full press release of Sopra Steria: click here.


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