The Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair at Institut Mines-Télécom welcomes Clever Cloud among its sponsors

The Institut Mines-Télécom's Values and Policies of Personal Information (VP-IP) Chair conducts research into the issues surrounding the processing of personal data, digital identities and sovereignty, in a context of European regulation.

Its ambition is to provide companies, public players and citizens with operational avenues for reflection in a trusted digital environment. For companies, the Chair has formalized the concept of “privacy as a business model”. Clever Cloud joins the VP-IP Chair to participate in its multi-disciplinary work alongside the IN Groupe, Orange and the CNIL.

Clever Cloud publishes a Platform as a Service service, based in Europe. Its aim is to help development teams put digital applications and services into production, on a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure, with transparent pricing. Clever Cloud is committed to keeping abreast of legislative and regulatory developments. In this context, Clever Cloud pays particular attention to privacy and the protection of personal data, whether in France, Europe or abroad. With this in mind, the company has chosen to support the Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair through a sponsorship program.

Clever Cloud is openly committed to data sovereignty, to ensure a free and autonomous digital space for all. This approach resonates with the multidisciplinary work carried out by the Chair, which is at once technological, legal, economic and philosophical.

The aim of the VP-IP Chair is to develop, in close collaboration with its sponsors, world-class research with the following objectives:

  • Contribute to discussions on the legal, economic, technical and ethical regulation of personal information and digital identities;
  • Study the factors that ensure trust in new services that collect and process personal information, in order to guarantee implementation that respects the rights and obligations of the players involved;
  • Enhance the security of personal information;
  • Propose trust policies and their variations;
  • Examine the combination of different types of personal information and data (particularly public data) to develop innovative products and services;
  • Create a space for international cooperation and multidisciplinary expertise.

Claire Levallois-Barth, Coordinator of the Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair at Institut Mines-Télécom: “We are honored to welcome Clever Cloud as one of our sponsors. Their commitment to digital sovereignty, including data sovereignty, resonates deeply with the research themes on which the entire VP-IP Chair team is working. Their support strengthens our ability to explore new perspectives in our multi-disciplinary work, particularly in terms of privacy and data protection.”

Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud: “We are delighted to join the VP-IP (in french)Chair, which is in line with our values and our commitment to the strategic autonomy of data. At Clever Cloud, we are convinced that such academic research is vital to building a trusted digital environment at international level, and that it is essential to support it.”

This chair is a sponsorship chair, supported by the Fondation Mines-Télécom.

Clever Cloud joins the other sponsors and partners of the Chair: IN Groupe, Orange, the Université Catholique de Louvain and the CNIL.


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