Clever Cloud and Vates: Two French champions join forces to create comprehensive and autonomous cloud solutions

Nantes and Grenoble, May 23, 2024 - Clever Cloud and Vates are announcing today a partnership aimed at strengthening the strategic autonomy of the cloud in France and Europe.

By combining their respective expertise, these two French cloud technology champions, specializing in PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions, are joining forces to offer a solid, autonomous, and open alternative to hyperscalers.

Comprehensive and integrated solutions for businesses

This strategic partnership aims to provide businesses with an extensive and integrated range of IaaS and PaaS services. The proposed solutions will enable companies to benefit from a complete cloud infrastructure, from advanced resource virtualization to simplified application deployment and management. This way, businesses can address their diverse challenges while freeing themselves from complex operational burdens.

Meeting strategic autonomy requirements

By combining the strengths of Clever Cloud and Vates, this partnership responds to the growing needs for technological independence and digital sovereignty of businesses in European and international markets. The solutions offered will reduce their reliance on major global providers while ensuring optimal performance tailored to the needs of modern enterprises. This partnership demonstrates that European technologies are capable of delivering technologies as efficient, if not better, than those of the hyperscalers.

Rejecting lock-in strategies

Clever Cloud and Vates share common values around open source and rejecting technological lock-in strategies. While many competitors have chosen to develop proprietary technologies forcing clients to adapt their code and infrastructure, Clever Cloud and Vates have taken the opposite approach, finding these practices unethical.

“The market is increasingly aware of the issues of strategic autonomy and technological lock-in. Today, this partnership is a decisive step towards creating innovative, ethical, and European cloud solutions that cover our clients’ needs from IaaS to PaaS.” said Quentin Adam, co-founder and CEO of Clever Cloud.

“In the face of the domination of hyperscalers who impose their conditions, European cloud champions must work together to offer solutions that are at least as innovative and efficient as those of the industry’s giants. This is essential for companies to have strategically autonomous alternatives and to exercise choice.” said Jean-Baptiste Piacentino, VP of Alliances at Clever Cloud.

“Recent market changes are pushing infrastructure operators and users to evolve their needs, and it is important for them to be able to rely on a strong alternative that spans from physical machine virtualization to managed services for enterprise applications.” said Olivier Lambert, CEO and co-founder of Vates SAS.

“Our partnership with Clever Cloud is already translating into an increased capacity to address specific client use cases and access new business opportunities. It is also important at the French and European levels because the combination of our two players is quite unique within the European Union. This partnership paves the way for innovative cloud and edge infrastructures, made in France, and adapted to market needs.” said Charles Schulz, Strategy Director at Vates.

About Vates: Vates is a key player in the field of IaaS. Specializing in virtualization and orchestration solutions, Vates develops open source technologies that meet the critical needs of businesses. Its Xen Orchestra platform is a flagship example of its commitment to innovation and transparency.


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