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bannier which illustrate how to deploy AI on Clever Cloud

Deploy llama, mistral, openchat or your own model on Clever Cloud

If AI has been in the news recently, it's mainly through large language models (LLMs), which require substantial computing power for training or inference. Thus, it's common to see developers using them via turnkey APIs, as we did in a previous article. But this is changing thanks to more open and efficient models and tools, which you can easily deploy on Clever Cloud.


Les IA s’entraînent offshore pour générer des malwares à destination des sangliers

Host by Jean-Baptiste Kaiser


Depuis Anvers, le mistral emporte l’IA dans une java binaire

Host by Quentin Adam

Clever Grid: Using GPUs has never been so simple

Today the Clever Cloud team is happy to release Clever Grid, our new GPUs…