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L’IA marocaine plie le game des API comme un Apache certifié

Host by Quentin Adam


Clever Operator: The best of Kubernetes and Clever Cloud

You use Kubernetes in your usual workflow and you wish to keep it this way all while using Clever Cloud? We designed the Kubernetes Clever Operator for this exact purpose!

Bring your API to the World Within 3 Minutes

A couple years ago, I was a developer for a startup which has almost no…


Updating our API doc

Hi there, I am Corentin Cailleaud, a second year student at Nantes. It has been…


Introducing our Public API and Clever CLI

Two things, today: the Clever Cloud public API is here and so is the Clever…


What about WebSocket on the Cloud?

Many users ask us if WebSocket is supported on Clever Cloud. Of course it is!…

Hackathon Open Data Fall 2012, Nantes

Want to try the brand new Open Data materials from Pays-de-la-Loire and Loire-Atlantique? Come to…


Clever Cloud gives you the https way to social apps

Clever Cloud is designed to let you code and create wonderful applications able to enable…