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Force HTTPS on Clever Cloud applications

It is now possible to force HTTPS redirection! No more .htaccess black magic, no redirection…


Access Logs are now available from Clever Tools

Yes you read it right, you can now access your access logs. How you ask?…

The story of clever-tools 1.0.0

We have some news about our dear clever-tools, the Clever Cloud CLI for humans, robots…


One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away: step 0

Welcome to the first edition of One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away. In…


SSH Gateway General Availability

Today we announce the general availability of our SSH gateway. It was in Beta for…


Clever Tools Packaged!

We have packaged the Clever Tools CLI for Windows, MacOs & GNU/Linux. This makes it…

New version of our CLI: clever-tools 0.7.0 released

Since its first release, we've been quietly improving our CLI tool, clever-tools. Today, we've…


Introducing Notifications

Historically, deployment result e-mails (deployment succeeded or failed) were always sent to the owners of…

Introducing our Public API and Clever CLI

Two things, today: the Clever Cloud public API is here and so is the Clever…