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Octobus and Clever Cloud present the most advanced Mercurial hosting solution


What is Heptapod?

Heptapod combines the advantages of Gitlab and Mercurial to offer a powerful code hosting solution.

You can already use the shared, commercial or FOSS instance. Offers for dedicated Heptapod instances are in preparation. Please contact us if you are interesred.


Pricing - How much does it cost?

We are currently aiming for a € 7/user/month base price with an additional consumption-based model. Check out our detailed pricing model with simulations.

But my project is open and I don't want to pay for reporting users or PR.

We plan to have an open instance for Free projects, as in free speech and free beer. It will be available soon-ish and will not be open to every project. Please register through our form and let us know what you need. We plan to onboard every project progressively depending on the amount of funding we find for it. We are open to sponsorship plans like having a Clever Cloud and Heptapod Logo on a free project's website. Please let us know what you think!

Not but really why can't you do free tier like other providers?

The general policy at Clever Cloud is that we don't do any free tier. The reasons are explained in the following blog post.

Can I have a dedicated Heptapod instance?

Yes, dedicated instances are on our roadmap and will be made available later. We are currently aiming at a price that would make it interesting for 50 users or more.