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About Clever Cloud

Clever Cloud is a Europe-based PaaS company. We help developers deploy and run their apps with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing and other cool features. We aim to make an easy-to-use service, without any vendor lock-in and able to grow with your needs.

Quentin Adam
Quentin Adam


Hubert Sablonnière
Hubert Sablonnière

Software Engineer

Clément Nivolle
Clément Nivolle


Julien Durillon
Julien Durillon

System Administrator and Developer

Marc-Antoine Perennou

Java and GNU/Linux Hacker

Victor Engrand

Financial And Administrative Manager

Arnaud Lefebvre
Arnaud Lefebvre

Javascript and Functional Developer

Geoffroy Couprie
Geoffroy Couprie

Security Engineer

Alexandre Berthaud
Alexandre Berthaud

Software Engineer

Alexandre Duval
Alexandre Duval

IT Engineer

Alessio Coltellacci
Alessio Coltellacci

Software Engineer

Laurent Doguin
Laurent Doguin

Head of Developer Relations

Valériane  Venance
Valériane Venance

Developer Advocate

Agathe  Boutmy
Agathe Boutmy

Support Engineer

Our Manifesto

We created Clever Cloud because we think that industrialized hosting will allow companies to work faster, be more agile in their market, focus on their added value and stop worrying about their hosting technology.