Multicloud by design

Clever Cloud: a multicloud by design cloud

Choosing Clever Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose your hosting infrastructure. You can deploy your applications on Clever Cloud’s public cloud, on a public cloud of a third-party hosting provider, or on your own infrastructure.

Clever Cloud supports your multi-cloud strategy by providing solutions that enable you to deploy your applications and databases on the servers of your choice. You can take advantage of Clever Cloud-managed infrastructures by default, choose the data center of a partner hosting provider, entrust us with the management of a private zone on the hosting provider of your choice, or even use our technologies on your own infrastructures. You choose the infrastructure model that suits you best!

Be free to choose where your applications are hosted

By default, when you deploy an application and request the creation of a database on Clever Cloud, you benefit from the high level of availability and security offered by the servers installed and managed by Clever Cloud. However, you also have the freedom to install your applications on the infrastructures of other hosting providers, while continuing to benefit from our technologies for automating deployment and maintaining operational and security conditions.

You can choose your hosting provider from the list of partners offered when you deploy your application, so that Clever Cloud can use and manage its infrastructure for you. We regularly add new hosting providers and can advise you on your choice.

You can also contact us to benefit from a private zone on the infrastructures of your choice, or to take advantage of on-premises licenses enabling you to benefit from Clever Cloud technologies on the infrastructures you manage.

Multi-cloud partners

If your project requires it, you can contact us to benefit from our technologies installed on the servers of a provider of your choice. However, to simplify this choice, Clever Cloud already works with a number of data center providers on which you can choose to deploy your projects, including :