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PaaS to support your Data and AI projects

Data Inceptio is a consulting and training company specializing in Data and AI. It relies on Clever Cloud for hosting and managed services for applications with performance, scalability or governance requirements.

Data, automation and AI: how do Data Inceptio and Clever Cloud help companies perform better?

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We chose Clever Cloud for their ease of administration and the robustness of the infrastructures, well adapted to our customers’ business applications and business needs.

A partnership for efficiency and performance

Data Inceptio helps companies organize their data, determine which data is valuable and how to use it to achieve the desired result (RPA, AI, decision support, etc.).
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The Data Inceptio story

Data Inceptio is a training and consulting company that helps customers organize their data, determine which data is valuable and how to use it to achieve the desired result (RPA, AI, decision support, etc.) Their identification methodology, called “Inceptio,” enables customers to map out the beginning of their data and AI strategy.

The added value of consulting at Data Inceptio

Data Inceptio distinguishes itself by creating an ecosystem conducive to innovation from the earliest stages of projects. Their ability to bring out innovative ideas, supported by data and AI technologies, is at the heart of what appeals to their customers.

“We have developed tools and a method for bringing out valuable data and processes that can be automated by RPA or AI. We apply ourselves to implementing them with care for our customers!”

Data Inceptio is convinced that the success of a data and AI strategy hinges on the quality of data preparation, a mantra summed up in one phrase: “Without data no AI!”

“Data preparation can be long and tedious, but it’s a real added value in the long run!” explains Olivier Lagrandeur.

The choice of Clever Cloud

When it came to choosing PaaS hosting, Data Inceptio opted for Clever Cloud for reasons of simplicity, speed and infrastructure robustness. What’s more, the Clever Cloud platform gave Data Inceptio the autonomy it needed to manage its customers effectively. In addition, Data Inceptio’s customers were concerned about data sovereignty, and wanted to be hosted in France. Clever Cloud was the perfect answer.

“We chose Clever Cloud for their ease of administration and the robustness of their infrastructures, which are well suited to our customers’ business applications and business needs.”

The benefits of Clever Cloud

Data Inceptio highlights the advantages of Clever Cloud in the creation and administration of customer accounts. The ability to scale up on demand offers valuable flexibility to meet evolving business needs.

“The flexibility and autonomy of creating and administering its customer accounts, with scalable power to boot, make Clever Cloud a compelling choice.”

The collaboration between Data Inceptio and Clever Cloud is much more than a partnership; it’s a synergy that fuels innovation. The transition to the PaaS’ model has been easy, with concrete results such as reduced costs, increased flexibility and improved performance. Clever Cloud is the trusted partner that enables Data Inceptio to grow its customers through data and AI.

“Clever Cloud is the best tool in the world, because it’s scalable on demand and Sovereign!”

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