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PaaS at the service of Data

Kuartz helps companies create and design automated indicators based on an analysis of their needs and data.

How does Kuartz help companies grow by digitizing their processes?

Read Kuartz’s testimonial

Read Kuartz’s testimonial

How does Kuartz help companies grow by digitizing their processes?

Kuartz supports companies by advising them, analyzing their data and creating business applications that enable them to regain control of their data and make better decisions in a simplified, automated way.
Watch the video testimonial by Timothée Garcia, co-founder of Kuartz
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What does Kuartz do?

To keep pace with constant business change, it’s essential for companies to have effective tools to manage their activities. Kuartz enables managers and decision-makers to take control of their business through a highly customizable web-based platform.

One of the key features of the Kuartz platform is its flexibility. Designed to
respond to a variety of use cases, it can easily integrate the specific business logic of each company. This flexibility translates into the ability to rapidly add new functionalities. This enables the platform to adapt in real time to changing customer needs.

What do your customers like?

In addition to flexibility, Kuartz customers also appreciate the platform’s robustness and ease of use, as well as the expertise demonstrated by the Kuartz team. It offers a pleasant user experience, which facilitates the onboarding of new users at customer sites and the rapid resolution of company-specific issues.

What are the platform’s future functionalities?

In the ongoing development of its core platform, Kuartz has set itself several key objectives.
One major objective is the development of a public API, which will enable seamless integration of the platform into customers’ software ecosystems. This evolution is designed to meet increasingly complex needs.

The platform already ensures an international user experience, thanks to its translation into French, English and Spanish.

Another major strength of this platform is the advanced integration of time series. This feature makes it possible to address specific use cases such as real-time energy production management or financial market data analysis.

Why choose Clever Cloud?

Kuartz’s decision to work with Clever Cloud as a hosting provider was based on several key factors. Firstly, Clever Cloud is a French player, which guarantees very good French support and compliance with French data protection regulations. In addition, Clever Cloud’s scalability enables Kuartz to quickly adjust its server capacity to meet customer needs.

Finally, Clever Cloud’s technical expertise is a major asset. It ensures the smooth running of Kuartz’s applications and enables smooth collaboration to resolve specific technical issues.

In short, with its approach focused on flexibility, robustness and simplicity, Kuartz enables companies to run their business efficiently and agilely, while adapting to the ever-changing challenges they face. Its collaboration with Clever Cloud reinforces its commitment to technical excellence and data security, making Kuartz an ideal choice for companies seeking to thrive in an ever-changing environment.


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